6ix9ine – locked up pt. 2* 歌詞


lyrics from snippet

[verse 1: 6ix9ine]
thinkin’ ’bout the things that i did
got me thinkin’ like, “why the f_ck i did that?”
got me wishin’ that i could take it all back
fighting with these demons, barely even eatin’
barely even sleepin’, this sh_t got me tweakin’
fighting with my lawyers for a better offer
just wanna see my daughter, ’cause_

[chorus: akon]
i’m locked up, they won’t let me out

i’m locked up, they won’t let me out
never thought i’d be caught up in these streets, yeah
locked up, they won’t let me out, no
they won’t let me out

[verse 2: akon]
i’m still tryna find that motive
of why i did what i did
i didn’t wanna feel that struggle
just wanted to hurry up and get rich
and while that money pile up high
jealous n_ggas askin’ questions “why not us” (yeah_eh)
and when you get caught up, n0body wanna…

- 6ix9ine