6ix9ine – new body (demo) 歌詞


omg ronny

[chorus: 6ix9ine]
can’t wait to see your new body
and you’re actin’ like you don’t know n0body
no body count on your new body
can’t wait to see your new body
i’ll be the first one to hit your new body, woah

[verse: ty dolla $ign]
new body, you been workin’ hard
i’ve been on your ig page, lurkin’ hard
new b00bie job, now they perfect
six weeks off, it was worth it
baby got that nip tuck, let me t-tty f-ck
hit her from the back, get my d-ck sucked
put me on the scoreboard, make a new one
he said he hit before, not since you got your b00bs done
you working on your abs, huh, you got your -ss done
you better show it off, you better work it
why they body shamin’, baby? i commend it
doctor ghavami, i recommend it

[open verse]

- 6ix9ine