6ix9ine – no smoke 歌詞


[verse 1: 6ix9ine]
n-ggas ain’t sc-m, fold fit through the drum
you only got that for fun, all of that frontin’ for what?
i might pull up in a lamb, run up on your mans
pop a n-gga like a xan, when i run up with my clan
n-ggas know me, .45, 6ix stay with it
aim at your motherf-cking fitted, n-gga, we with it
30 clip in the smith, knock the n-gga off his pivot
watch your eyes fake the dump when this gun f-cking buck
concrete shoes and all, body lay under the tongue
yeah, we rep that f-cking six, but i finger f-ck that nine
they throw dirt all on my name, spell tekashi69
went to jail, spent the case, n-gga, i ain’t doing time
feel whole weight, in my set, we held 30, free the 9 (squad)

[chorus: 6ix9ine]
n-ggas don’t want no smoke
see them, they choke, buck 50 through his nose
then i take a n-gga b-tch
head to the trap, all my n-ggas giving gold
all my n-ggas trained to go
upping the pole, ttg, we let it go
whack a n-gga like a mole
40 cal through his soul, then we hit the road

[verse 2: hudson flo]
you don’t really want no smoke
you don’t really got no hope
boy, you know i got that pole
everyday and i know
everyday it’s a go
you don’t really want no war
better double lock your door
when you come knock with force
knocking you off your horse
then run out and hop the porch
won’t peep no more
.38 baby, .38 raised me
but i won’t let my .38 change me
gotta come up, won’t sleep ’till i make it
gotta get out, i’m stuck in the matrix
it’s time i change up your thought
better think fast, i’m aiming the torch
ain’t taking a loss, i’m making a cross
i’m taking it all, so take it no more
the way i move like mike in his prime
rise up and i’m taking what’s mine
i move to the left, i move to the right
i step back and i shoot out your light
and thank you for days and thank you for weeks
thinking it’s sweet, i’ll shoot up your street
been praying a lot, but i don’t really know if i’m praying to god
but the praying don’t stop
don’t have dreams, i have nightmares
said i don’t sleep, so i won’t leave
i pull it out, i don’t fight fair
said i won’t leave, so b-tch hold these

- 6ix9ine