6ix9ine – smøke hill drive 歌詞


[verse: 6ix9ine]
wish i could bring pun back, blaow, n_gga, run that
’til they let remmy out, we gon’ let these semis out
wish i could bring stacks back, chad, let the mac clap
’til they free biggavel, gotta give you n_ggas h_ll
bl!cky make that n_gga yell, beam hit his knees
made him scream, when that n_gga fell, shootout with the law
or the morgue ‘fore i sit in jail, n_ggas say they love me
i can see it in these n_ggas eyes, they don’t wish me well
i don’t need their company, they smilin’ when a n_gga fell
seein’ that i’m poppin’ in the shots, i’m like the durell
order stitches for these snitches, dead men tell no tales
diggin’ ditches for these n_ggas, toss ’em in, so well
drive_by, leave him in the street, n_gga, road k!ll
hba, gold fronts, let me guess, “so trill”?
n_gga, this is new york, make the wrong move
and the goons let the tool spark, work hard and move salt
8 ball like pool holes, cracked like the pavement
diesel like the gas station, trap out the bas_m_nt
blow in the pyrex, mask on our faces
let ’em act sketch, but this lead will erase ’em
tekashi69 from that scum f_cking squad (squad)

- 6ix9ine