6ix_x_6ix – man of the trenches 歌詞


artist name : 6ix_x_6ix
track name : man of the trenches

( intro )
young life 7k , huh
yeah , 6ix
trenches of trenches
ok yeah , k!ll time

( vers )
i’m gonna sad in this rhymes
i’m the man of trenches
raised in the hood next to ditches
i’m trapped on them benches
hurts me now , b-tch so reckless
i can see too many hoes is heartless
i got alcohol in my veins
i can’t smoking my pain
suicide or sad forever
we can’t bleed together
she beat my heartsick
i weep in sad , i’m bleed inside
in the night , i keep falling the tears
i can’t feel my heart in my chest
sad you never leave from beside me
everytime i grab a cup of the pain
i stock this f-ckin sh-t in my brain
you don’t want to admit to something
b-tch i can see the lies falling like the rains
i might be insane , i don’t need these changes
i had to open my mind f-ck fake friends
my heart feel cracked when i see these hoes
man of trenches , i’m falling down in this way
that’s why , i’m on the top of my game
i’m the pain , do you know my name
f-ck love , tryna get the next door
for me , you really make it hard

the man of trenches
you can see i’m the man of trenches
the man of trenches
i’m feel my heart on trenches

- 6ix_x_6ix