6ixbuzz – don’t talk 歌詞


[intro: bizz loc, eestbound & jonah zedd]
turn that up in my headphones please
eestbound on the track
let me get some volume
it’s bizz loc, n-gga
savage, rah
jonah zedd

[hook: bizz loc]
my n-ggas don’t talk
catch an opp and then swap it out
everybody ridin’, everybody strapped, everybody laying bodies down
but don’t talk
catch an opp and then swap it out
everybody active, better save it for the captions
my n-ggas don’t talk

[verse 1: bizz loc]
i ain’t posting no gun on my instagram pictures
n-ggas been braggin on snap, til i get a b-tch to line him and deal wit dat n-gga
feel up that n-gga i tell them go chill with that n-gga and pop a few pills with that n-gga
once he lets his guard down, send a text and say it’s on now
get him hard and pull his drawers down
that’s when i come in and f-ck up the spot
heard he was f-cking with frauds and they hustled the rock
taking a cut from a thot, told my cousin he was shot
crazy me and him and hit my gut
spray and leave a n-gga got
baby nina she a glock, beat it beat it till he drop
leave the scene no getting caught
free the demons in the box, free up jr free the dawgs
real villains get involved, remember wheeling to the falls
cops was feeling on the road, can’t believe they never saw
didn’t need to beat a charge, didn’t need to beat a charge
didn’t need to beat a charge
real n-ggas never talk, grab the heat and let it spark
demons lead us in the dark, prayed to jesus and allah
smoking weed and reading psalms, dirty heater in my drawers
i don’t even need alarms, who you think you’re sleeping on?
you don’t want it with the dog, they don’t want it with they dog
couple bags along with some heat and leave him on his block
whippery up in the pot, moving neat i’m never hot
think i need another watch, time’s money pree the clock
n-ggas hate i’m getting guap, b-tches craving for the c-ck
i just made another wop, adding paper to a lot
educated with the rock, slip around and n-ggas never make it to the top

[hook: bizz loc]

[verse 2: roney]
thirty thirty, i dirty dirty those beats whenever i hop on them
send a b-tch she was rolling in the whip don’t make me get the drop on them
body twitch, that body stiff and i’m walking off in my red bottoms
50 cal gonna take him down, i don’t even need to headshot him
what the f-ck are n-ggas talkin’ bout?
burger king i bring the whopper out
don’t need to come outside i come inside the house
pop tops like guinness stouts
two o’s in a louis pouch
trap running like a potty mouth
keep the burner right in the cushion like pocket change at my momma’s house
bring the llamas out, i’m a zookeeper
dirty money to the dry cleaner
in the field, burner in the bleachers
got a shooter round every ten meters
i’m 23 i keep a 45 i’m an og not an old geezer
eating noodles with the distributor we gon gps him like a f-cking uber
if i gotta go then you gotta go, i’ll smoke you with my mary jane
i was on the road and i had the pole, they didn’t come outside like a rainy day
bad b-tches no back page, two d’s like bad grades
all i wanna do is get brain but the p-ssy tighter than new braids
tell me why all of this money and roney still feeling alone
trapped out bandos back of the panzos only real southside n-ggas gon know
don’t get close, we started all of this sh-t
n-ggas did not want no politics
now that they’re grown, say they want all of the smoke
must think i’m still down below

[hook: bizz loc]

- 6ixbuzz