6ixgig willi – petty swan cruise 歌詞


(6ixgig will your mama loves you)

i dont wanna f_ck with my eyes close
i use to call you petty swan cruise
i dont wanna f_ck with my eyes close
i use to call you petty swan cruise

i live along my better days
am i gonna live another day

with a cup full of wine and some xan on my mouth
am now gonna live my days
with the thoughts of dying in months

rest your head on my shoulder
cry those tears on my shoulder
f_ck my high school, there i get troubles
i’ll find love, i’ll find goodluck
no more 6ix get a good job
in ah coupe we mah pull up
riding in the moonlight
i gat eyes on the streetlights
f_ck her on the candle lights

- 6ixgig willi