6ixkingworldwide – how i feel (a letter to mm) 歌詞


i don’t know what i feel
i can’t help what i feel
but if its love then its real
come on let’s make a deal
all i have to say is girl i like you
and all this nights i’ve been thinking about you
but i don’t know if you feel the same though
but all i want is you not these other lame hoes

now won’t you wine it up
back it up
bring it back
move it up
move it fast
move it slow
on the low
be my all
always know
and never fall

you my perfect lady
loving you made a n_gga crazy
got a lot on my mind lately
now these b_tches wanna call me babe
i won’t even lie yeah i messed up
i said that sh_t cause i was stressed out
but let’s just do this thing and get the best out
you alwayls beautiful even with no make up

- 6ixkingworldwide