6ixlayne – play 歌詞


[verse 1]
i came to ball you know catchin rec
can’t win them all you content with that
you took a lose can’t go back to back
find me a room to hang platinum plaques
pour me some lean cannot sit up straight
hope on that i-95 interstate
i got the sawse you a second late
been knew i’d take off right from the gate

plays from out the huddle
i’m just gon’ take it thru pressure and traffic
always take paper not ever no plastic
i don’t take credit i’m sorry not sorry
i make it rain rundown you and your buddies
hit he curb in a hurry
hear them horses like the derby
pull up on you in the ‘bury
you and scrizzy looking worried

strippers dive in the puddles
only one things for certain
if you broke you still make me nervous
only like b-tches perfect, ay
money long thats extensive
cliquot for breakfast
just to send you message
pull up at your location

check a n-gga when he outta pocket
put him back in pocket
all we know is get our money up and direct deposits, ay
you talk like you really got it
but you don’t i’m just being honest
keys open doors, you can keep on knocking
run through a pack i feel just like sonic, play

[verse 2]
hold on a minute i just had a moment
n-ggas keep talking like i don’t notice
that type of sh-t right there ain’t honorable
had to switch up and make audibles
all in one night i flew coast to coast
from nickles and dimes in my white accord
you living the life you can not afford
prince of my town cause my kingdom royal
you had a good thing but you let it spoil
enough of your sh-t you ain’t even know it
snakes in the gr-ss i suggest you mow it
put the blizz out just to k!ll the noise
dirty money in the rinse cycle
everything getting cleaned real good
never heard about you you ain’t from my side
n-gga this be the real mud

[repeat chorus]

- 6ixlayne