6ixrings(ybc fayzo) x yung rado – beretta 歌詞


[intro: 6ixrings]
gang gang
gang gang

[chorus: 6ixrings]
shorty she naggin she buggin i told that b-tch shut the f-ck or what ever
i got this money and i got these hoes so i can go f-ck on whoever
hit shorty line tell her come through now she can’t get any wetter
but i left the b-tch
only trust one b-tch
and that b-tch name is beretta

[verse 1: yung rado and 6ixrings]
-ss aye aye aye
f-ck these b-tches no cuffing
never shoot a shot shorty a bucket she underneath and she sucking
she working that tounge and i love it
put the d-ck right into her stomach (aye)
but i just f-ck with ’em
dont fall in love with ’em
you a goofy if you think i be cuffin ’em

- 6ixringsybc fayzo x yung rado