6ixteen – am sorry 歌詞


am sorry that i did and am sorry that i lied
i found myself getting jealous and i don’t know why
got me thinking otherwise when you really love
chasing papers all day long with no job
did a lotta damage and i know i messed up
not looking forward to losing you another guy
made a lotta mess am trynna clean them with my job
am trynna be the best don’t wanna view like all your past
you told am the chosen one and am always daar
every body wanna split us like i don’t know why
we standing all together and i know we got this one
i love you and i love you like a richard on the clock
i miss you and i miss you like a rolly with some ice
am looking like a rolly with no ice i got flops
am laughing at my bars am always happy with you god
lemme do it the juniors and am making love

i did a lotta tripping babe
am thinking about you everyday
they say that paper gon’ change
i do this sh-t for my baby
i do this sh-t for my baby and my baby happy and am also happy like crazy
this flow is crazy
n-gga this flow is crazy

they say am copying all the flows am like woaw
doing this cos am underground wanna flow
flow like am rari car for my girl
did a lotta tripping for my girl i wanna close
y’all n-ggas wanna see my pockets
ain’t trynna fill em up for you god d-mn
lemme say sorry cos i did a damage
my girl is getting broken
wanna sent a broken letter god d-mn
am in a situation like a process
dealing with my issues with my goddess
am sorry but i did i was childish
wanna change myself for you only
you looking like a baby you so cute d-mn
trynna make a bill for our project
trynna make a bill for our project
nasty rowlene got me dropping all tears
sma got me thinking bout the project
wanna tell the whole world about you my babe
preparation always get you through the process
you my baby wanna make you feel like royal
you my queen wanna wife you like a yest day
i just wanna see myself with you oh god d-mn
i’ve been writing this songs for you only

i will never repeat it and am sorry
i will never repeat it and am sorry
i will never repeat it and am sorry
i will never repeat it and am sorry

i will never, am sorry×8

- 6ixteen