6ixville – divine consciousness (ep) 歌詞


full lyrics:

1. what’s the truth

whats the truth
is it what they tell u in the news
is it what doctors told u, is it really you
whats the truth

whats the truth
i ain’t trynna play it cool
im not covering my face, i gotta show it to the world

whats the truth
if our history’s a lie then how the f_ck could i believe that there ain’t nothin left to hide

lately i been obssesed with this just we digestin
testin me to the point i ain’t feelin connection
with the world or myself, or the people im blessed with
like the road to success got trapped in congestions
i ain’t trynna justify or blame it on someoneelse sh_t
just trynna tel the truth, even when it seem selfish
but tell me why they want me healthy, why they wanna see me thrive
how they want to see me prosper while they feeding me with lies
censorin sh_t, 2020, get a lens on this sh_t
its clear who the enemy, ain’t no debatin this sjit
divide and conquer, and now its even harder cuz we think we are connected never have we been farther from each other and the truth
that i been pushin regardless, by these lights i been fooled, refusin pleasure my honor
im over city perchin, lookin for a spotlight
wishin i could get another chance in the nightlife

2. gettin’ out

i can get it like i used to get it
boxes broke, now the views i get it
taste sour, but i choose to feel it
each time im in the booth i let it
this whole ride has been truly precious
whole squad got the chutes ready
flyin high with the view special
9 to 5 but never down and fed up
i ain’t never talk sh_t
who got it packed
who got the spliff
who got it better
who got the b_tch
flash from the back
noise from the peers
all them losses all do well
im puttin sh_t on just like im big l
can’t go home, can’t sit back
watchin zg scene burn where the real at

bet you can’t say im real
headed for the gold, gold plaques
and the grill
swim like phelps on a pill
may have give a f_ck
but i stayed in the field
punched through the dam in the nighttime
no stop signs in my lifetime
since i dropped lifeline
u b_tches can’t understand a single f_ckin punchline
trynna push it to the limit
n_gga i been on no gimmicks
n_gga i been on my track way back like sprinters
said something and i meant i
i dont give a f if u get offended
eyes on a prize, f_ck a loose change
till we on top of the food chain,no
they gonn mock, can’t stop me
my will too strong
i ain’t never show my moves though
i been trynna fly away
for too long, trynna get away, ay

tricky arose from the concrete
grind till his mission is complete
race on these b_tches like grandprix
victory lap like its ‘18
cold bars, get u brainfreezed
called god, heard my phone beep
ring ring like kd
cole vibes like its ‘03
adolescence i was messin up
i was sentimental, never gave a f_ck
with my fellows out trynna catch a buzz
who is you to tell me who to trust
14 is when i started rappin
5 years till we made it happen
started out i was sk!ll lackin
now these 16s got u bandwagoned
now we do this sh_t in mad fashion
case closed, feel the court hammer
goat bars in a los manner
im amazing like im margiela
to shift views i just pan_amera
too high, i be near propellers
747 everyday
bowen bruce i be in your face
11 rings like bill russell
till a scope like edwin hubble
playin scrimmage boy i tear muscle
game 7 get ur fist knickles
test me, u can’t knock the hustle
want me? gotta buy the bundle
6ixville, rose, biz, yinyan
finally gettin out the huddle

3. the come up

i was lookin down but now i dont look sh_t
came up from the grind, dont tell me no bullsh_t
came up from the silent nights, im too lucid
sharper than em knives i cut, the truth hurts its
everyday life i get what im choosin
everyday struggle u get what u deserve, its universal clock till time has stopped working
i could make a dime a 100, cuz im worth it

i was holdin back from lookin at myself at right time
blasphemy some would say but imma like my
path to greatness imma do it like i outlined
destinations on my mind like i got time
but tommorrow ain’t promised
sh_t i guess that im a convict
these bars is my only escape
im seein life through a sentence, i can’t make a mistake
the way i feel, ain’t n0body relates
sh_t is real, everybody is fake
i can’t peel all these bodies away
can’t chill for a moment, cuz i think of the race
perfect time always feel like im late

strollin down my childhood dreams
the oldest puzzle i would look beneath
now im runnin this a 100 like im off the leash
who wouldve thought i could toss that piece
past tense u just can’t defeat
do it for the devil, get the dollar sign
do it for your people, think that ain’t n0body do it like u do it
never get up in your feelings, never let em them get inside
never let ur visions get my diminished by
fake asses, fake b_tches, fake glitter, go get it
take your time take that business
slow grind, u the fittest
baby steps take care
make em jealous
thinkin back when every flow was just more authentic
now at times i just rhyme just get to finish
the old me wouldve probably think i lack thewisdom
but he would never tell himself that he lacked precision
where the better times, can i climb?
i can’t decide, i can’t rewind
this pain inside
i can’t revive my old true self behind
of all the feelings i been knowin, i can’t testify
my highest moments came from lowest
age exposes everybody gonn tell it different, notice that ur path is golden, keep composure
take control retain ur focus, take ur losses
i can tell u honest
i only wish that i would never have to change my mind
if only i could say all the sh_t thats on my mind
no lie i would bet that i can make the world stop for a dime, like

4. king of the crown

im steppin in just like cold benches
ain’t even unstretched, never slack with the wrenches
they bet that ill slip, but i grip with the pleasure
put up 30 like im stephen, over confident when im rappin
cuz i used to be the one u who used to wanna be embarassed by the image of myself, no i study all my errors, whip panameras
sit with my clique and the chalice
lookin back what a year, what an era
2020, got me f_cked, i ain’t really f_cked n0b_tches, only f_cked one
but got the the food on plate, and its all from
the game proposal, its all love
the flow is hold up its so nuts i can
blow up im burnin im going insane
100k for a show
guess id never magine only doin this for the dough
my flow bad
this hov passion should attract massive flux
and spread like a virus got your fakes asses shook
i was sittin on a porch with a fat astral blunt
chattin with creator on how to unchain the cuffs
now thats a fat bush, tricky the zombie
im flatbush
smokin mad kush, motherf_ckers get in bed, hush
quiet girls give the best head
yours a special one but she the type ill rather spare
i done change up, dont really care bout the history
l nipsey, my name finna morph in a synonim
put all my life in the sentence witu these similes
and im amazed what i built with this energy
these tropical latin colombian rappers, no cap
smoke a rapper in the battle thats a regular task
attackin with the punches u a thing of the past
feast on the preys flesh for i go on a fast
im the truths fave
and thats just why im dream safe
never worried but my soul path
cold snacks in the combat, gave all till it comeback
but i ain’t talkin no funds
listen this the way of flowin i had to get together its been in safe , for
way too long i had to put in the 8 ball
in my reeboks
watchin over a sea storm
listening to marley
and gettin drunk off of beerpong
n0body on the sh_t that we on
my soul been here for eons
ur b_tch got left we eloped
said u never truly satisfied her, now she suckin me off
im so fresh, it ain’t no freshman
courtside seats i had till sh_t happened
in 2021 reconnectin with holy the goddess
the son of moon, the spirit the one and only
i percieve this sh_t as a whole
its very important for me
thats how i retain my balance while stayin beyond measures
still untouched
still going for that top buck
to be honest, im like giannis with a better shot
leave me open and ill make u pay like sh_tty bluffs
got the type of flow that make a diddy puff
why u so shy let the titties jump
pumpfake with a crossover and a and one, ain’t no pity son
like curry, baby face points in the hurry
with a step back, splash, no look no worries
in the last lap, im frontin with everybody, the last laugh i get it, i dont care if sh_t get bl__dy no
it ain’t no funny no more
tricky got barz and it aintnofunnnomore
house in the hills, and it ain’t no funnynomore
f_ggot ass rappers just hashtag, me im stackin the cash
with a glock on the side
special chef in the back
morroccan place where they get u sn_tched in the back
came a long way from the allys packin the gats
makin effort to get us the bread
flyin first class to j_pan, took 2 xans
i dont know where ill land
im on my drake sh_t but i dont fake love i just make it
make sh_t up in the
i just hang and i puff
like im back in the summertime
everybody slack when u trapped, feeling outta line
pullin up in caddies like im motherf_ckin 99
dre in the speakers, now my life got to 25
its been a h_ll of a ride
u b_tches jeaous of my heaven, inside
out lasting all the rats in their tries
to come for me, trynna sn_tch on my vibe
im k lamar but my content is rhymes
i woke up in the morning im grateful im not dead
kiss my girl on the cheek, im happy i ain’t scared
feeling hungover, cuz i always had a flare
drop a freestyle all you rappers dissapear
like calm dat like calm dat sh_t down boi

5. 1996

since 96
we be prayin that 6 will
be worthwhile cuz our chemistry is unreal
got 9 lives? they the same, b_tch i stay real
who you playin only thing u can’t fake is taking ls
im ahead of my time, finna excel like im joey
bad as a straight 10, chick lookin on me
sometimes i think that all this rap sh_t was made for me
written in stars, like my past lives was waiting for me
thats why i keep it steady, no pressure on me
thats why it ain’t believin what they sayin
my gut feeling im up, liftin my spirit with stuff
potent enough to make me look inside the mirror, and observe the passion
and how it curves me mentally while i yearn to accentuate elevation from surf
is it truly me im puttin in music or is it more than me
do i want these verses to follow me

we been trappin in sb for long
we been makin records, hearing the sirens, ringing alarms
riding the waves with flawless decisionmaking
its on
with the best ceo in our game
kickin the door
puttin numbers on the boards
like pusha t, we gettin out our dreams
trynna to make it a current scene
sellin cds outta my trunk like master p
the type of hustle u ain’t even seen in mvps

i know i am who i been trynna be
and im proud of me just like my mama be
and its an irony, but when u passed i felt like somebody took away to give me back that part of me
just to bless me
with a newer perspective
im a grown man now
i can handle these intersections
u always was a leader, but i was too young to ever mention
so i felt like u leavin was statin my independence
i let it breath for a moment
swim with the stream, ain’t no sh_t i be holdin
close to the throne, u dont have to be hopen
i know im true to these bars and thats the greatest component
its a filtered world, u only stand if u authentic
shoutout to rose, quarantine tapes is magic
6ix days part 2, now its lookin as if its destined
all we did was follow heart, its ours, no second guessin

6. divine consciousness

i look up to the sun
teachin me many lessons
in tune, i be present
not askin no more questions
free of any thought, or pressure
and thats the essence
acceptance of my flaws, blessings and imperfections
im the language of the sun
universal expression
reflection of the whole
the mirror of your invention
code hidden in every plant and seed
on the planet
power of adaptin in places u can’t imagine

i find 432 healin my mind
963 be sparkin my third eye
divine consciousness in the form
of physical ride
everythings connected, i found peacein in the signs
the food is information, be careful what u decide
careful what u tell it cuz water will memorize
your dna encarved in the chemistry of the stars
how could u deny what u and the soul are

golden ratio, your body, its intertwined
millions of examples resembling the design
the fire burn in my eyes, higher state of the mind
bigger purpose to get it, not givin up what is mine

but nevermind
i been having all these dreams for i go to sleep
walkin all i see is sheep
runnin to get the screen
cannot make a point, trippin over they feet
trynna wake up pretendin that nothing happened
trynna find light in the shadow of all the actors
trynna shine bright unlike the future we handed
trynna see freedom as something that ain’t granted

- 6ixville