6lack – amnesia 歌詞


can’t we both agree there’s n0body like us
i try to look into your eyes but that’s a bit much (ye)
i need you when you tell me you love when things change
i need you so much i don’t know my own name
can’t you wait my mind clear
i don’t want to bring a little over hear
made me forget (made me forget)

know we just meant today will you stay for the night
we don’t gotta fall in love if it don’t feel right
i’m not afraid of falling deep in your life
its getting cold out here can i come inside
i know you got a lot to do so i won’t stay long
i got nothing left to lose if i’m feeling it wrong
lately i’ve been lucky
oh i guess the best still won
its getting kinda late can you show me your room

now it don’t come around much but i know that you got my best interest in your heart
now i ain’t trying to fight it cause i know that my last love don’t matter no more
i forgot
but you got me up (up)

- 6lack