6lack – coffee bean exercise 歌詞


got a little cold

don’t mention my name if it ain’t love attached
this exercise, man i love to rap
it only take a couple bars for me to warm up
show up, show out
all over the place, like a nicki. m roll out
shout out to the barbs, but don’t be in my comments
spammin’ wit’ no unicorns, f-ckin’ up my conscience
it’s love, i just figure out the best metaphors
my studio a mecca like a young okafor
this is polished, shinin’, eclipse, blindin’
tom brady timin’, young clipse, grindin’
n-ggas think that i’m a singer till i really hit that switch
my mental dictionary is a fully loaded clip
i’m wit’ sway in the am, sip gin like, asian rapper, back from battle rapper days
i got accolades, grammy nominated from my first sh-t
put your best verse against my worst sh-t, perfect
ain’t it funny how that sh-t goes
i ain’t viral, but i bet this sh-t goes
i know they love it when a n-gga put them words together
spit, rip, and dip, put them verbs together
sh-t’s strange, long way from where i came
evil blockin’ my vision just like a bang
but i’m geppetto to a puppet
writer for a muppet
eye on the prize, you got pride? better tuck it
i ain’t pop but i got carbonated verses
them sh-ts burn like soda when you first sip
i can’t kick no bullsh-t when people out here suicidal
so love to my idols, love for my rivals
love to my bible, love for my rifle
love like eiffel tower, over any n-gga thinkin’ that he wit’ me
listen to your cd, put em in a [?], shoulda been a frisbee
this is for my n-gga’s back home, zone
this is for the ones who led me on, gone
this is for them girls thinkin’ wrong, it’s long
and this is for my girl when i get home, bone
strong, wish a n-gga clone
wish a n-gga pluck a hair just for a strand of dna
take it to the lab, hold it to the light
and give it to the specimen, but not quite right
i’m flexed up lyrical tech up, tec’d up
complex n-gga nadeska, blessed up
i could do this sh-t wit’ no hands and no eyes
could probably kick this sh-t with no foot, i’m that fire
i am not to be compared, don’t be foolish
southern rapper wit’ a twist, like a rubik’s
i am skywalker smokin’, don’t get too high, b-tch
i did not come here to play, i’m on some kawhi sh-t
i’m on some dubai sh-t, i’m on some “save up and be wise” sh-t
it sounds lame when them singles stop streamin’
and your labels stop callin’, and you stressed out tryin’
i’ll be somewhere on an island
chillin’ with my tribe, and
i don’t know who these n-gga’s think they are
put holes in the beat my flow is an ar
i am a god like r-a
they don’t want beef so lay low, get hit wit’ a-rod like j-lo
wet flow, y’all n-gga’s slippin’
russell westbrook, boys y’all n-gga’s trippin’
russell westbrook, boys y’all n-gga’s trippin’

- 6lack