6lack – peaches remix (snippet) 歌詞


[verse 1]
i get my peaches out in georgia
i ain’t ever got [?]
she ain’t ever seen a [?]
she’s a runner, she’s a track star
i’m posted in atlanta, georgia, ooh, yes, yes
i put some really pretty diamonds on your neck
i buy chanel like every weekend, so what’s next?
have you ever had good s_x on a jet?
where i been at? i don’t really know
but what i do know, i wanna f_ck with you
girl, you cold
girl, you cool
[?] salt and pepper
girl, you smooth

i got my peaches out in georgia, ooh, yes, yes
i get my weed from california, that’s that sh_t
i took my chick up to the north, yeah, she gon’ hit
i get my life right from the source, yeah, yeah, that’s it

[verse 2]
i love her pretty nails on her
you can hop on a jet
just set a little vibe, i’d be down for s_x
[?], doin’ all the tricks
[?], like a new project

- 6lack