6lack – sixteen 歌詞


[verse 1]
i would do this sh_t without no money
never dead on ya, without honey
ay, big bag bigger than the wallet
if you buy my reckless then you like my blood
no, you my cous’, ay
show some love, ay
f_ck is up? ay
caught the bus, ay
f_ck the flame, man, i’d rather split a bar
it’s your [built for?]? i don’t think you are
i’m not a star, i’m not a star
even though i rent a couple rental cars
even though i skrr, skrr, skrr, skrr, skrr
how’d the real lady even out the odds

okay, yeah, look, aah
i won’t know this, you feel for this
feel for, d_mn
i don’t want, i don’t want, no
feel for this
feel for

[verse 2]
ay, i was sixteen
when i had the crazy_ass dream
it’s funny that it’s started as a scheme
i was tryna to impress all the teams
i may never find what i’m looking for
but at least didn’t die, selling doughs
man, i’d rather f_cking die sellin’ hoe
you got jokes, silly hopes
i ain’t been around lately, baby, i’m so sorry
i can look my shawty, f_cking rounds for shawty
build for the teacher, how to get this my way?
how to turn the hallway, into the broadway?

- 6lack