6lack – untitled snippet 2021 歌詞


lyrics from snippet

remember the days when i thought i was trapped
lost all my money then i got it back
all my potential was really untapped
i had to push all my sh_t to the max
now it’s a wrap
took off some time to relax
now i’m feeling blacker than black
thought they can’t tussle with us
if i say it’s up then it’s up
i don’t give no d_mn and no f_ck
cruisin’ down twenty in the lambo truck, wait
tryin’ not to push my luck
god got a n_gga on top
but ain’t no tellin’ what’s up
people got a funny way of showin’ its face
i don’t trip, even when i’m untied, i lace
i peep at these n_ggas tryna vibe my way
still on shore, tryna ride my wave
crazy, i’ll go make ’em hate me
that music, it saved me, i’m feelin’ like jay z
’cause i had a hard time like
now a n_gga in the spotlight

- 6lack