6o – try 歌詞


yeah it’s a vibe
better come right
i’m better on my
toast down with her ice on
high on life
but soon as the night rolls i feel alive
i ride,i wanna know why
i try,when it’s over
i lie for the moments
i lie but i know it
i die,then i won’t take you back
i’m sorry,aaah x2

i was dead for a minute in my head but now i’m good
had to find myself, really feeling like i should
call it quits,yeah i swear i was going through so much sh-t
now i manifast in my life,oh i’m doing all right
so much sh-t down i had no time,no one
but that’s all right i chose this life
i’m cutting through the day,my life in the night
feeling great,being timeless
poppin off, we got next
your like,my cigarette
you bad for me yea but i want it
feeling great
b-tch i’m blessed
poppin off, yea we got next
your like my cigarette
you bad for me yea but i want it

- 6o