6obby – fake 歌詞


i remember being broke sleeping on the couch
eating ramen noodles, told myself i’ll make it out
i had a big dream and i had to hold it down
and when the cash came, all these people came around
i did this by myself so keep my name up out your mouth
you can’t tell me nothing, i don’t even want the clout
i do it for the p-ssion and i say what i’m about
i’ll tell you when i’m happy and i’ll tell you when i’m down
i’mma keep it real until the day i’m in the ground
smoking with my day ones, always smoking by the pound
yeah, we getting richer and that’s the word that goes around
yeah, they saying “bobby man, i miss you and i’m proud”
showing fake love, keep my name up out your mouth
all these b-tches text me, only love me for my wealth
i be smoking backwoods, have no worries ’bout my health
don’t you worry ’bout me, worry ’bout your f-cking self
cruising through chicago, double g’s all on my belt
saying that you feel me but you can’t feel what i felt
smoking all the time, hardly worried ’bout myself
all the fake people always got me feeling stealth
i done kept it real and i have from the start
people f-cked me over, tearing up my golden heart
rolling up a backwood, grab a lighter, then i spark
i had to hold it down when my life was getting hard
i be in the lexus with your b-tch, we smoking gas
rolling up a backwood and you know we going fast
i be in my vintage with designer and some cash
smoking all this ganja i ain’t ever looking back
i be in the lexus with those windows tinted black
asking for a feature, boy, you better have some cash
saying that you helped me, yeah you [?] just make me laugh
cruising through chicago with the polo on my cap
you know i hit a thrift and then i popped a couple tags
rolling up a backwood, seal it up and take a drag
i’ve been working hard and throwing money in the bag
i did this on my own and that ain’t nothing but a fact
i be hitting fl, steady making all these crafts
saying that they had me but they stabbed me in the back

all these people fake and i’m just saying watch your back
all these people fake and i’m just saying watch your back
man, just watch your back

- 6obby