6obby – far 歌詞


so depressed [?] the smile face
they say they love me
but can never take the pain away

life’s a movie
and i always gotta stay in place
and if they ever talkin’ sh-t
no i won’t [?]

see i was [?] in high school and i had to p-ss
i got the paper but i didn’t [?] cl-ss

to be honest
i don’t think i even need a [?]
’cause i be smokin’ on this bud
and now my pockets fat

and all the ones who talkin’ sh-t
you know i gotta laugh
’cause i did this on my own
and i ain’t lookin’ back
and everytime i’m happy
you know they be gettin’ mad
tell me why you hatin’ on [?] cash

i be with my homies
and you know we smokin’ gas
in the lexus and you know that we be goin’ fast

people fakin’
i be seein’ thru ’em like they gl-ss
call me jimmy neutron
you know that i gotta blast
f-ck a b-tch
’cause you know i be all my cash

[?] smokin’ dope
[?] like i’m ash
always looking for someone
but i know that we won’t last

catch me in the uber
double g all on my cap
catch me in the uber
you know that i’m dressed in black

i be high as f-ck
and poppin xannies like a tac
i’m getting all this money
i won’t ever go back

and if you ever got some green
[?] i got the pack
[?] with the way i’m smoking dabs

i pray to god
but i don’t think he gonna answer back
admit it
it’s only polos
ain’t no f-cking snapbacks
eat my b-tch, red hair
she gon’ throw it back

i just got a check
i spent it on a backpack
cruisin’ thru the city
with a couple polo caps

people talk some sh-t
now they tryna take it back
with my homies and
you know they be rollin’ [?]

people sayin’ check my link
but that sh-t be trash
f-ck you mean?
i’m rollin’ [?] in a cadillac

with my homies and
i promise we ain’t goin’ back
all these people snortin’ c0ke
but that sh-t be wack

i be rollin’ up on [?]
and i make it [?]
just a young’un and
i finally came up out the dark

yeah, you jealous
but they all know this is just a start
[?] now they know i’m goin’ far
yeah, i’m goin’ far

i’m goin’ far, ay
i’m goin’ far, ay
[?] goin’ far, ay
i’m goin’ far

- 6obby