6obby – lost 歌詞



[verse 1: 6obby]
catch me chasin’ circles
man my mind is in a drift
roll that og up & take the blunt to the lisp
f-ck that stupid b-tch who left me lonely
i’m just getting fried, and f-ck all these n-ggas to
i’m just gettin’ high
my mind feels so tied
i’m just tryna make it out
feelin’ blind from all the lies that people tell me now
feelin’ sick
and i ain’t feelin’ right
so many f-cking thoughts
so i get that pen and write
i got a big dream
and i wanna make a plot
a mansion with a pool
chillin’ in some polo socks
just tryna make it out
gotta write these lyrics get to work
come up out of nothing
pull that stick out the dirt
but it’s hard trying to make it
unless you make a sacrifice & sell your soul to satan
these n-ggas think i’m playing
when i go and f-ckin’ say this
but watch the time tick
& i’ll be on y’all’s playlist

[hook: col6y]
gucci ’round my waist
took a blunt to the face
mind driftin’ off to another place
i’m a, lonely astronaut
floatin’ in outer sp-ce

[verse 2: 6obby]
neil armstrongin’ on this b-tch
people f-ck around and
i’m startin’ to get p-ssed
rest in peace to grandma
man, you’ll always be missed
i took a few xannies and now i start to trip
that ash on that blunt man
it always stay lit
thick b-tch yeah
she spit on the d-ck
double cup white
got the activist in it
i p-ssed that sh-t to col6y
he’s got the venomous spit

[chrous: col6y]
yeah i’m lost
yeah, yeah
i’m lost

[verse 3: col6y]
i’m lost
gotta find myself
don’t even know where i lost myself
i’m mad at the world
they selfish cause
people only care about themselves
i try & i try, and i cry & i cry
wondering how people make it by
the world we living in, is a lie
all the pain & agony just to die
tell me why
but anyways
i follow along on my own plan
i switch up on the flow like oh man
like oh d-mn
hoe is obsessed like her name was stan
don’t like you now, didn’t like you then
so why the f-ck would it matter
if we aren’t even friends
i’m surrounded by fakeness
all my enemies will hate this
f-ck you
and f-ck you
i come up with the greatness
and you is just basic
deep thoughts runnin’
through my head
light it up & blaze it
so much sh-t is on my mind
man it’s h-lla crazy
i’m thinkin’ ’bout her, i’m thinkin ’bout me
thinkin’ ’bout the world thinkin’ ’bout my dreams
everything’s set up perfect in my mind
but everything
ain’t really what it seems


- 6obby