6obby – wake up 歌詞


all you rappers fake and only wanting cash
i’ve been dedicated and i’m smoking gas
i pick the red iphone, and not the jet black
b-tch, you know that i’ve been working, it ain’t nothin’ but a fact

i did not ask for help, i did this on my own
and i always stay flossing, call me mike jones
if you’ve got a dream, then you gotta chase it
i be chilling with my brothers, and we get faded

take another shot of henny, now i’m getting wasted
i don’t f-ck with all these rappers ’cause they just too basic
i be smoking dank, i don’t f-ck with fakes
feelin’ like a movie star, call me johnny cage

‘preme up out my boxes, i ain’t got no bape
rolling up a blunt, take it to the face
f-ck a fake b-tch, i ain’t ever worry ’bout that
i’ma do me, work hard, i’ma get these stacks

yeah, aye

smokin’ on this green, you could call me yoda
mixin’ up this henny with the coca-cola
i be in my vintage, chillin’ in this polo
rollin’ up a backwood while i’m chilling solo

yeah, aye

b-tch, you know i’m sipping, and i got the loud
smoking on this ganja always calm me down
i be mixin’ up this soda, mix it with the crown
people saying that they got me but they always let me down

i don’t need no friends, rather be alone
i’ve been steady working, do it on my own
all these fake–ss people always tryna hit my phone
always talking all this sh-t then they try to copy, bro

i ain’t worried ’bout n0body, i be rollin’ up my dope
i be smoking up a backwood and i take it to the dome
do this sh-t, ’cause i love it and i won’t ever let it go
all these rappers acting suss and they only want dough

if you’ve got a dream, then you’ve got to chase it
i be writing all these lyrics, getting faded
what’s a dream if you don’t wake up and chase it?
what’s a dream if you don’t wake up and chase it?

- 6obby