6odly1 – for you 2 歌詞


these lonely nights, low-key a blessing in disguise
when i said “i’d do anything for you” it wasn’t a lie
you told me you hated me, and i felt that
when you told me to back up, i fell back
when i called you a b-tch, yeah i felt bad

but there’s no action in this world that i take back
my whole family hate this career path
leave this world like i’m a sp-ce man
i need to rewrite me a new plan
(what is the plan?)
to do what i can
(whenever i can)

yeah you fight back
and we go back
so you kick me out with nothing in hands
i don’t know which way to go
so i just go towards the light
(to the light)
(to the light)
(to the light)
(to the light)
i made this song for you
this song for you
this song for you
this song for you

you kick and you shove
i shout when i cuss
symptoms of falling out of love

aye, aye, aye, aye

you spit in my face
you call me a snake
your heart is full with sh-tton of hate

aye, aye, aye

- 6odly1