6r1ck2 – eli’s freestyle 歌詞


i’m chillin’ with gang
yeah, we kickin’ it back
we getting that money, it’s stacking up fast
the cops on my -ss, there ain’t no looking back
’cause a pound in the trunk and a glock on the dash
hit a quick stain then i dash
hit up the house with the stash
always in first, never last
remembering me for my raps
remembering me for my snacks and the way that i snap on the track
getting the cheese like it’s mac
run up, get hit with the mac
never aiming for the body, always aiming for the hat
run up on me, i’ma snap
run up on me, get attacked
run up on me and get hit like a bat
’cause i keep it attached and you’re bound to get whacked
’cause your -ss is a b-tch and hoe b-tches get slapped
i came up by my self
i don’t know nothing else
used to rock off brands, now all i rock is that ralph
i hear ’em talking, it ain’t nothing to me
n0body close, there ain’t nothing to see
like a muh’f-ckin’ black screen
now i’m showing up on flat screens
my homies rich and got the belts too
i just took your b-tch, so what her mouth do?
i’m the sh-t
no i’m not number two
come to my crib and you will see the view
i will throw this money
yeah, it’s all blue
if you heard i’m broke well then it’s not true
you can see the bands all up in my shoes
i be choppin’ bricks like it’s kung fu
i’m in this b-tch with lil’ shawny
i’m in this b-tch with a shawty
if you run up, you a dead man
you know that i got a headband
and it’s gucci and it’s louis
mix that sh-t up with the prada
i be f-cking on your daughter
while i’m rocking this designer
i got the money
i got the cash
i got the cops on my -ss
so i just hit 100 on the dash
you know on all the tracks i just spazz
got the cheddar like it’s mac
if you run up you get hit with the mac
anybody talking ’bout me, they die
anybody talking ’bout me, i slide
i just slide with that nine
i just grip on that tec
i got all these p-ssy b-tches so wet
’cause i run up and i bust at they heads
and i run up and bust at they legs
yeah, they got a lead shower
i don’t know what it cost
i be sipping on that fiji
i be sipping on that voss, i don’t care what it cost
i just pull up and i cop
i just pull up with no cops
i just pull up with the cars
and they foreign like the jags
i just pull up and i got all this cash
i just pull up with designer and trueys all up on my -ss
everybody know it’s me
everybody know i’m next
’cause the way that i flex

- 6r1ck2