6soundz (sk) – ivory❗️ 歌詞


[verse 1: anchor]

drop the anchor
okay, so i guess we’re going old school
i had a couple rejections back in my old school
the skies were bright
the squad was tight
i had many many females but a few were nice
all i need is a little bit of hope
we’re just pulling on a rope
but it’s time to let it go
cause i’m frozen
cause i don’t know what to do
to let go of hope or to see this thing through
they try to bring me down but i’m stronger than it seems
with money, women
they even try weed
i wanted to hide
like john cena
they wouldn’t see me
made 3 birthday wishes and still, i ain’t a genie

[verse 2: n.richie!]

got some times i’m just filled with despair
i’m pulling my hair
and questioning what am i doing here
questioning myself so much and really i can’t stand it
some of you be stealing my happiness like a bandit
you don’t know much it hurts
my face planted in the dirt
the mud ruining my shirt
questioning my self-worth
wondering if i’ll leave this earth with a purpose
tryna be something that i’m not and it’s not worth it

[verse 3: lethal r.w.]

desperate and frustrated
i’m trying to feel elated
wanna try to repair
but i’m breaking down in despair
lost in illusion
what’s the confusion
i spit it like a two tongue fusion
with no delusion
illest like i’m the flu
just tell me who i should chew
you the gum up under my shoe
heart’s been sold and eroded
roasted and corroded
feeling like i’m about to explode and
don’t know where i should go
there ain’t no open road

[verse 4: smooth]

feels like my career a bunch of hocus pocus
tell me why
tell me why i’m always losing focus
wasting all this ink
yeah they know i’m still atrocious
played enough games
now i’m running out of tokens
lost in my ideals
not knowing that it’s corrosive
bodied more than i can chew
actions too impulsive
feeling like a running gag
like mr.bean
mind feeling dull
no, i’m bout to pay a fee
call me telescope
i get left on seen
thoughts impure
think i need chlorine
smooth on the track
he don’t get too many likes
think my grades low
nothing feels to right
think my brain slow
my mental ain’t been bright
hope you no shows keep laughing at my life
take a detour or go straight into the light
keep my guard down
i ain’t in the mood to fi- (fight)

- 6soundz sk