6th element – i wanna rock (written free) 歌詞


i want a rock like i just got a white belt in earth bending
pick up a bolder come closer let’s do some earth fencing
i’m so toph an opponent i left the earth trembling
like dai li with sk!lls of tai li i know it’s nerve recking
n0body do it like sixth element can
turning so many mics to sand you’d think i from the shiba clan
oh you ain’t know i was nice then homie listen in
i be the cool kid who mic rocks while y’all be kickin it
get it to be the best is what my mission is
to ill a lyricist to be pushing like i was sysaphis
when cats be kicking sh-t i’m always in the midst of it
cause there ain’t an emcee out there who roku can not get busy
they say when seis on the mic he so rude
cause i go hard like kanye west and geodude
so chill ‘fore you get boulder smashed i thought i told your -ss
it’s balderdash to think that you can beat me for a boulder badge

- 6th element