6th sense – yeah 歌詞


[verse one]:
yeah, they say the first thought is the best thought
sons play catch with their dad while some don’t wanna get caught
momma never blinked, until the stress brought a new love affair
she runnin’ there but stepped short
too close to be this far apart
at the same time too far apart to be this close
so we slip slow
hopin’ that we think fast
we the liks low a tip gl-ss makes the drinks last
a lil’ longer than it’s supposed to be
so when i’m not drinkin’ y’all can make a toast for me
i know i gotta get there hopefully
i’m an optimist that spits it boastfully
get gone when it’s gettin’ tough
how am i supposed to settle down when i can’t even saddle up?
reach a boilin’ point, hear the kettle puff
pour it out and can’t get enough

a yeah yeah
a yeah yeah

[verse two]:
let the cana flow and the henny pour
god’s got a lot of names, the devil has many more
it could be any random night with any wh0r-
guaranteed to tease you more than demi moore
it’s either tom petty or robin’ any store
your heart breaks, you free falling to any floor
empty the register
take the petty cash
fill the truck with getty gas, let the semi blast
now the devil laughs
you screamin’ “oh lord!”
it’s electrifying with no cord
and the getaway don’ made away with your ford
and you supposed to be chauffeur
so tell me what you actin’ slow for?
if a god is a woman then this whole time the devil’s been your wh0r-
i heard she’s high maintenance and does no ch0r-s
but she’ll open your mind behind closed doors

a yeah yeah
a yeah yeah

- 6th sense