6th – plugged in freestyle 歌詞


[intro: young dizz, maz]
are you listening?
big up double m and bankz, them man are representing for the ends right now
like fam, i don’t understand all of this rudeboy, man’s locked up, you know what i’m saying, man are out here making all these tunes and dat, and i’ve got man in jail shouting man to dead this beef
what’s that all about?
c’mon fam these man are puppies to man rudeboy, these man are chihuahuas, you get it
man’s a real n_gga fam, you know what i’m saying, the streets know this fam, you get me, the streets are missing man, bro
you know what i’m saying, soon home anyway ,don’t watch that
fumez the engineer, plugged in, c’mon acg sh_t
free all the mandеm, free dizz, free rambzi, free trizz, free lk, free castr6, bang your f_cking doors
gang sh_t!

[verse 1: maz]
he got chinged and he sang likе mabel
so how can i rate that yute?
___ got chinged back then by castr6
then he got chinged by 192
tiny chinged up ___
he was writing statements too
still got ___ _flavoured zoot
i’ll pull up on man tryna aim and shoot

[verse 2: bankz]
slide round with 2 in the broomstick
slap corn till spin ting toothless
gotta lay low from gang unit, they want me back on the wing like lucas
put two in the sawn_off dotz, i slapped that off, best keep it moving
and all he ever did was talk, so i sw_ng that sword till we left him muted
[verse 3: maz]
___ got shot in the head
now he’s stuck in a grave
cah he lacked in ___
how can a d_ckhead make that mistake
and think he ain’t gonna get splashed or blazed
do drills in the night or day
get round stratford, chadd green or gate
multiple times ___ got shaved
he wrote statements, he should be ashamed

[verse 4: bankz]
i’m beefing a bunch of muppets, f_ck it
step with a rambo, tucked in
the opps ain’t smoking nuff
so allow this talk, yeah allow this ruckus
___ got his head back busted
show that the bells and dotz do justice
my n_gga don’t do no bluffing
skrr round blocks, tryna blow off your pumpkin

[verse 5: maz]
put 10 in your back like wayne
’cause i’m a hot head like rooney
i hop out the hooptie, i’m going insane
free all my drillas locked in the cage
sweets in the mash no candy canes
i rise that up if i’m heading to gate
sweets in the mash no candy canes
i rise that up if i’m heading to gate
[verse 6: bankz]
yeah it’s spinning no liquid
stop all the lies your heart ain’t with it
you ain’t chopped no_one, turn midget
you buck p9, then you best start sprinting
and bro stepped out with the dot_dot
on the opp block in the whip no hot box
rubbers on deck, no condoms
don’t get hit on the mains with the 1 pop

[verse 7: maz]
opps wan’ talk ’bout lockdown
f_ck lockdown, pop doors, get shot down
i was there on your block, when ish got run down
and he nearly got gunned down
spun that whip and his bro got chinged
so i guess it ain’t fun now
make man swim in a river of juice
might ching him now, he’s in a blood pile

[verse 8: bankz]
smoke in the back no_one can stop us
put 6 in your back like pogba
do movie tryna win me an oscar
and lemme just get this straight she don’t give brain
i won’t even bother
got nicked with a 22 inch
the officers said this blade is a long one
and free tt he got nicked with a ___
[verse 9: maz]
had to show my runner how to bank that pack
he was moving nervous
we got light and b, what ever you need
that’s excellent service
put 2 in the dotz, 6 in the spins
you know the 6ixers are lurking
put 2 in the dotz, 6 in the spins
you know the 6ixers are lurking

[verse 10: bankz]
let me tell you about the life i live
if the plug comes 1 gram short
it’s his own d_mn fault, when i burn that bridge
and gangs got unlimited jawns
so step out that door, it’s your life you risk
scr_pe that food out the pot, that’s maximum prof
when i wrap it in cling
this is the life i live

fumez the engineer

- 6th