6th – time will tell 歌詞


[verse 1:young dizz]
time will tell
twin came through with 30 shots for my brand new 12
stashing racks at my young g’s crib
he’s taking pics with his girl
young dizz, prince of the 6
but man knew that from l’s
cooling with all these racks to myself
they say that life is short
but so is this snub on this wap
i put these bells in the clip
c-ck it back and pray that the ting don’t jam
man can’t slip, opps can’t take that risk
cah ‘ll pound that yute like yam
put 1 hand on my fam ill kick your kid right out of the pram
but man should have known that already
put 2 bells in the chamber kick back man gotta hold this steady
bro don’t ask if i’m ready
we’re jumping out like ed edd and eddy
i’m sitting in this car with this wap on my lap
man can’t hold me back
the drivers gang
he’s jumping out with man
i don’t give a f-ck who you with if you f-ck with the opps you can die with ur b-tch
i bored him too many times he ain’t dead tho cah i just seen him twitch
man can’t put no piece in my head
i’ll make man run out of bread
and if i told you your time is coming
just know i meant what i said
i don’t rely no brothers
i don’t rely no cousins
i spent long nights in the trap with a woolly hat on like a russian
still gotta bang on these opps
cause the n-ggas there pushing my b-ttons
100 bricks of bud we l!cked that stain that nothing
put 2 hands on the skeng
pray to god for forgiveness
and pray i don’t see him again
i don’t usually dress up for court
but for this one i’m looking at 10
they try sliding [?]
yo then we had to slide at again
you can say dreams come true
but the dreams don’t chase itself
if i put this dotty in your mouth
you can tell it ain’t good for your health
there’s just some things my girl don’t understand it’s mad
cause she knows i’ll blow mans brain off
if i ever heard she got grabbed

[verse 2:dsav]
2 in the dotty i’ll take it to gate
blackwater woodgrange
corn up whips i don’t care if it’s bait
i’ll do it with s i’ll do it with h
caught my man and he try explain
no more bells so he couldn’t get blazed
jump out gang my hood came off
yo ahk id the cameras clock mans face
you came to our block asking for dizz
i bet you regret that sh-t
i chased nuff opps out of the hood
why’s my man leaving his whip
these n-ggas are nearly 30
while they’re making tracks about us
i come round there looking dirty
so you know someone’s gonna get touched
i’ll get a man down for grinner
cah grinner would’ve done it for me if i go chad green . with a spinner
i’ll corn up some p-ssy’s for free
my n-ggas got faith in my driving
so it’s me that’s controlling the dinger
she likes a man that does both
so i drive and control that spinner
these n-ggas are liars
these n-ggas are punks
get round there just to try mans luck
[.] audi looking all bruck
that’s me and h in a four door truck
your talking on tracks
so why’s man leaving his friend
them neeks just post in car parks
i bet they won’t do it again
talk about taking risks
that day when gang pulled up
the same risk takers running and dropping his crisps
how can i rate these kids?
we shot my man in the head
and he’s still posting vids when us man done that sh-t
we left your young boy resting in p-ss
we really put corn in clips
can’t run up on us
i’ve seen big men climbing fences can’t afford to buck one of us
cah we lurk round there with stuff
[.] lk’s driving with certified things in the car
jump out gang, i ain’t gotta show mans face
but the trident know who we are
cah we do them bootings
go check that scoreboard
newham recorder know we ain’t losing
bro been round there with skengs
i get sh-t done with my 6ers
i get love from the whole of 6 10
jump out the car with friends
bare man screaming that they’re not from ends
i’ll slide round there in a van
i can’t lie i ain’t a fan of cars
transit vans pulling up
best pull up your bottoms if you wanna get far
how many times have we done it
how many times have we been round there
how many times have we spun it
if my mans an opp then we done him
apparently i’m way to active
i’ll jump out the car run at your darg
way before h even slapped it
see that one there is a mad ting
my young boy driving that ding dong bait
like he ain’t known for the chinging
you man always crash cars in the mains
and your whole squad done shooting and missing

- 6th