6thcypher – cypher the cutter 歌詞


hanging from the f-cking ceiling
got no motherf-cking feelings
got you kneeling, got you kneeling
look at me i got you cheering
and i got you f-cking fearing when i will be disappearing
got me gearing, got me gearing
for demons to start appearing
gossip hearing
f-cking steering, off a motherf-cking cliff
suicidal sh-t’s up in my head, depressions permanent
burning sh-t
learn to quit
f-ck your b-tch and then i dip
furnace lit, burn your sh-t
take that as a f-cking tip

so f-ck you b-tch i earned this sh-t
burned a bridge, i pulled a pin
blew off all your f-cking limbs
b-tch i’m born to commit sins

die b-tch, you shudder
ice in the summer
hiding undercover, f-cking b-tch you blew my cover
call me cypher the cutter
rise up from under
lines of f-cking numbers, every night i f-cking suffer

- 6thcypher