6thcypher – waves 歌詞


i want you to get this f-ck where he breathes! i want you to find this nancy-boy eliot ness, i want him dead! i want his family dead! i want his house burned to the ground! i wanna go there in the middle of the night and i wanna p-ss on his head

grab, grab the crucifixes for these b-tches
hold it right just for the instance
screaming words into the mic until these b-tches listen
watchin’ me just f-cking glisten
life is a f-cking prison
filled with lies
everyone dies
everyone cries
turn to drugs, do them at night
til’ i’m higher than the sky
fame and fortunes what they buy, with their own soul
so sick of our own lives, they’re just getting f-ckin’ old
f-ckin’ old

slitting wrists, screaming six six six
sparking with six bics
put it to my head with the pistol gripped
my wrist still slipped and blew a hole up in my brain
get the autopsy, and find out why i’m insane
falling in the f-cking flames
triple six until my grave
everyone’s the f-cking same
standing in the f-cking rain
dead inside from all the pain
it’s all the motherf-cking same
if 9/11 f-cking flames, crashed in on my f-cking brain
if 9/11 f-cking planes, crashed into my f-cking brain
if 9/11 f-cking planes, crashed into my f-cking brain
f-ckin’ planes
f-ckin’ brain
so d-mn insane
so d-mn insane

- 6thcypher