6th$ithlord – amerikkka 歌詞


[verse 1]
b_tch it’s f_ck amerikkka
land of the doomed to be
novus ordo seclorum
i will never follow the
corruption of
blinded by ignorance
feel my belligerence
start a riot up in this b_tch
mass depopulation
through weather
acid precipitation
causing toxic
putting carcinogens
in your skin
barium aluminum
making you all sick
i know i’ve said this
many times but
open up ya eyes
they are leading
you all to ya own demise
when is it all gonna end
all i ever feel is negative energy
fema camps
tryna put us in a trap
f_ck that
ima grab the gat
bust off a clip
hit ya hip
then i dip
got ivanka trump
suckin on my
mothaf_ckin d_ck
b_tch it’s f_ck amerikka
b_tch it’s f_ck amerikka
b_tch it’s f_ck amerikka
b_tch it’s f_ck amerikka

[verse 2]
the government
is f_ckin wiggity wack
beefin with kaepernick
while people in
puerto rico need help
man what is that
sacrifice a human
to the bohemian owl
f_ckin foul
buncha tyrants
getting violent
f_ck yo f_ckin owl
i am here to spread truth
spittin knowledge
in the booth
enlightening the youth
3rd eye gang salute
ima conscious motherf_cker
getting roudy
getting buck
cause i’m tired of this sh_t
so i do not give a f_ck

- 6thithlord