6th$ithlord – anu 歌詞


i got bros from israel and
i got brothers from atlantis
i got bros in china practicing the praying mantis
but i’m from the stars and
i saw one hit the atlantic
even though it’s natural
some people find it frantic
lumerian, yes i’m from the island nu
sumerian, knowledge from the tablets what i knew
numekian, i’m popping senzu beans and making brew
annunakian, star map on my arm and it glow blue
ayahuasca yeah thats what i do
psilocybin yeah thats what i grew
i’m with poseidon and i’m with horus to
i unify the people like some glue

i’ve been out my mind
but b_tch i’m feeling alright
smoking on some death sticks
got me trippin at night
meditating with my powers
you can’t fool my insight
we all mf gods b_tch
balance the light

f_ck all that “huh what” sh_t b_tch
i just sharpen up my blade and
slice yo wrists quick
steady riding through the stars
got my clip thick
you gone know just who we are
$ithgang the clique b_tch
oh so vicious

- 6thithlord