6th$ithlord – avidity 歌詞


f_ck a busta talkin sh_t
hit em in his lip
6 clips for a motherf_cker
you can eat a d_ck
man i’m tired of these f_cking rappers
clout chasing boi you faking
sell yo soul to satan
lil b_tch you can’t handle
wicked $ith

man why these motherf_ckers think
they can speak on a $ith
like they some grand council
and sh_t
f_ck emmmm

i been chillin in h_ll
leveled up like perfect cell
parallel processing
i be in different realms

liquidated matriz
swear my soul is ancient
i don’t f_ck wit lame b_tches
all these hoes be on some sh_t
bite yo flesh with
gold fangs
rip out necks
i love the taste
b_tch i’m taking acid mane
smoking gas it like propane

sippin on a 40 oz
lemme see
that booty bounce
totin guns we
from the south
got different drugs
i can’t pr_nounce

- 6thithlord