6th$ithlord – bliss 歌詞


bullets to my head
this filthy life i regret
no sense of livin
no sense of livin
i’m holdin onto death
grasping for everything left
can’t fight this feeling
can’t fight this feeling
anxietys just a b_tch
ignorance bliss
resort to my fist
punching myself
blaming me for everything
walkin throught this world
i’m all alone
lookin for a place that i can call my home
no f_ckin where to go
b_tch you know i’m dead inside
from all of these lies
toxins all up in the sky sh_t
man that’s not alright
government be playin tricks
on n_ggas and they cannot see
shooting inocence world with sins
wish that i could fix it see

- 6thithlord