6th$ithlord – bughuul *intro* 歌詞


scared of the
boogie mane
until he comes
to steal yo soul

all blacked out
i can see the fear
inside ya eyes
don’t be scared you
little b_tch
i promise this is yo demise
cut open yo tummy
things get bl__dy
getting kind ugly
stupid dummy
the taste of yo flesh
is kinda yummy ay
take all of yo money
k!ll yo buddy
mummify the bodies
k!llin my hobby
until there is

slice open ya neck
watch the blood
f_ckin squirt
toss yo body
in the lake
been evil
since i came
out of the dirt
walking dead body
gathering energy
from the moon
casting all these
spells motherf_cker
you gone see me soon

- 6thithlord