6th$ithlord – dark side of tha posse 歌詞


[verse 1 lil nite]
i got no patience
f_ckk you money f_ck yo grinf
this is how i made it
tell my mama i’m not sorry
this is so amazin
sell my soul to the reaper
an abomination
f_ck the world f_ck the order

i will tell you all right now that i will be
the first to die so i can take that f_ckin
9 and make a scene of suicide

make me a martyr
slam that b_tch into the water
hit that sh_t so much harder
f_ck the fame and its power
c_ck it back this is a slaughter
meet the devil he my father

[verse 2 zyxx]
murder in the pinnacle
decapitation i’m cynical
allevuate your rental cold
i’ll freeze ya d_mn you f_ckin bold
oh sh_t b_tch here we go again
shut ya mouth get that sh_t sewn right in
blinded so just let me swim i don’t need legs i got the f_ckin fins

murderous vibe i got the temptation
might as well rep that us nation oh sh_t
i’m on the radio station hear me now this just vacation

i’m _n_lytically parasitical not political
no fetanyl no fetamine or ketamine
smoke the dopest weed the dopest
green d_mn i’m gettin seen

[verse 3 6th$ithlord]
static all in my head
urges i’m twitching
fill em with lead
nothing but darkness
feelings are dead
another broke boi
who ain’t got
no bread

something s_d_stic
check the statistics
nothing can fix this
warlock mystic
k!lling the egotistic
but vicious
changing the
world for the benefits
leading the exodus
they call me ra

chanting spells
that gone set us free
f_ck the elite
eternal enemy
spiritual warfare
aiming my cross hairs
setting my soul
into the red sea

- 6thithlord