6th$ithlord – djedi mind tricks 歌詞


i refuse to be a clone
that’s why i’m never going to a college
i’m just gaining all the knowledge
to put the benjamins in my wallet
thats why i saw what i wanted
hustled for it, then i mf bought it
everything i do is b.i.g
rip christopher wallace
posted in the trap, flippin the birdies
i be running to them bands, i’m in a hurry
everything is clockwork, i’m never worried
man i even go to sleep, strapped with the 30
chevy truck, paint job on mcflurry
adding these digits up like i’m nerdy
i’ma carry my whole team like i’m curry
treat my enemies like the beat, do em dirty

ancient zones
now i’m floating up
et phone home
but i’m breaking up
i don’t wanna be here
but i’m f_ckin stuck
got me digging up gold
till it’s f_ckin dusk

esoteric sumerians
draconian blood pleiadian
ima mf god mixed with alien
reincarnated star and
i’m back again

over load i know you
feeling this sh_t
want to grow
internal conflicts
hinder this spirit
lots to know
the brain can’t fathom
for instance
dimensions octaves and
sacred rifts b_tch

- 6thithlord