6th$ithlord – eye am 歌詞


eye am the beginning and
ending of what is all
searching for the knowledge
so eye call on the naccal
transm_tate my energy
frequencies moving
out of me
study my anatomy
particals in all

taking a trip
while eye master
my brain
unity obtain
mind body soul
i’m in control
my future
eye unfold

break through my barrier
ultra instinct
b_tch i’m
heated up
no one defeating us
ultimate warriors
live in euphoria
negative vibration
one with the universe
all of this prana disperse
f_ck what you heard
b_tch eye am teaching
there will be no leeching
unleashing the powers of
ancients unheard
walking through the
halls of amenti
soul is shifting
secrets are unveiling
pyramids of giza rising
flying though the sky
with my angels by my side
brothers of light
nope we never gonna die
christ consciousness
lift stones like rocket ships
fusion of the $ith
fix the planetary grid
pratice my mudras
meditate with the buddha
holy krishna
heal my ajna
por favor
muchas gracias

- 6thithlord