6th$ithlord – indicus 歌詞


verse 1:
eye have been reborn
into a storm
conjuring up spirits
from the ancient city of babylon
head strong
eye won’t fall to negativity
frequencies entering my body
creating synergy
eye spread love to all my enemies
deities visit me in meditation
showing me my destiny
manifestation across the nations
hope you feeling me
burn down this whole

we are powerful beings
inside this 3rd dimension
balance chakra
indigo is what i’m reppin
choctaw tribe native
who you think
you testing
long braided hair
like a warrior
lethal weapon

knowledge strikes you
like a spear
but don’t fear
eternal shift is creeping near
so tune in clear

yahweh, thoth, & metatron
study ancient texts
such as the quran
raising wavelengths
with each of my songs
ascend into infinite
soul living long

eye am the wind and the sand
eye am existence
in the form of a man
eye am the stars that began
eye am the infinite plan
eye am the

i am a ray of the great central sun, the balance in between duality and the one, the light will conquer the land like mycelium, and if history repeats itself then we already won, my conscience at a high rate a god what i’ve become, let go of all my old ways and now i am with one with all the powers of the universe and of the sun my n_gga f_ck all the material i’m tryna be a monk, they don’t have a clue about the 64 keys, they don’t know about the pyramids in the east, they don’t even know about the room under the sphinx, the abode of the akashic realm the wisdom of the tree, all the sacred texts from my ancestors, all the blood spilt because they tried to test us, tryna make us slaves but they never gonna mess wit, us..

verse 2:
euphorical individual
seeing visuals
inside the pyramids
study syllables
i’m not divisible
biblical distortions
energy forces
become physical
mythical warlock
i am at my pinnacle

star gazing
enter the star gates
is this the way
the universe goes i
got my mind racing

bout the sp_ces
between dimensions
octaves they call it
pleadian ancients

ascended masters
enter my toroidal field
raising up my consciousness
my merkabah appeal
3rd eye vision strong
meditate until i’m healed
balance of the self
manifest magnetic shields

the light i wield
my only weapon
against the dark
this is a battlefield
love flooding
like noah’s ark
all of our demons sealed
releasing tension
from the start
only to realize
that you’ve been
a god along

- 6thithlord