6th$ithlord – light beam 歌詞


i got the book of knowledge
yeah the keys of enoch
fallen angels wit me
look down at you peons
demon slayer with the blade
kimetsu, join my legion
kundalini rise today
moon in leo season

hippie b_tch wit me
yeah she get trippy
know she vibing wit me
later i’ll be suckin titties
told her leave no hickeys
my main b_tch tripping on me
so she go trickin on me
later i be smoking lonely

roll a russian cream
face it to the facе
me and $aiyan
got personals
for many days
all thesе f_ckas fake
never switch up ay
stay true to myself
that’s why y’all bustas hate
reap what you sow
move on the low
candy paint
look at it glow
ufo, light being
been here before
eye see
follow my soul
spike lee
lets make a movie
showing ya b00bies
lavender soothing
shake that ass
i like when its moving ay

hit my drunken stance
she all in my pants
take her to candy land
i don’t f_ck with xans
she want me to be her mans
but i’m just tryna smash
sorry baby girl i knw
that money make you dance

see ima rule the world i
can’t f_ck with toxic girls
all you bad for my aura
making my life swirl
this drank it got me
f_cked up i think
i’m gonna hurl
take a dab to ease my brain
now i’m doing well

- 6thithlord