6th$ithlord – light being 歌詞


throat chakra
manipura , the sahasrara
ancient knowledge
verses through allah
i see a lot of
fakes mfs
i don’t bother
i just elevate up
till my soul is stronger

backflip kick a b_tch, liu kang
so much sauce in my walk
i need a cane
all gold 6 piece big fangs
b_tch i’m clean as f_ck
you can’t see no stains

light being, a warrior
sent through galaxies
star seeds inside of me
flow fluently
feel the energy
tai_chi, yeah i balance ki
light forces
guide me on my destiny
never settling

till i rise to the mf top
indigos we will unite
unify, join the light
until it’s out
never out
never in it for the clout
tryna raise the vibration
universal consciousness
what i’m about

geeked up off the juice like i’m bane
i’m the elemental bender like i’m ang
yeah i feel the energy up in my veins
i’m indifferent, i’m numb to the pain

cause i’m feeling my spirit
most of y’all scared don’t fear it
tap into the frequency hear it
find ya self within and heal it

old soul vibrant aura
head to toe
f_ck the hate don’t
let it flow
as above so below better
reap what you sow

yeah i am on a level you cannot obtain
i am one with sacred balance, yin and yang
this way of life will never change
b_tch i’m the same
dark $aiyan in this b_tch you know my name

it’s the return of the djedi
i see with my mind’s eye
matrix coding the lies
subconscious mind
it’s alive
breaking just to survive
awakening will arrive
we are all divine
search ya soul it’s our time

- 6thithlord