6th$ithlord – l$z 歌詞


ayo i’m trippin off this
mothaf_ckin l$z
everything is melting
right before my eyes
i feel like i cannot see
this is how i fuel my insanity
percasets all on my center piece
numbing my brain
frying it till
i can maintain
thought patterns
elevate my being
searching and lurkin
for senzus beans
cut you in two
with my light saber beam
watching the enemy flee
consumed by the power
that is within me
dark side rising
i feel the energy
disturbance in the fore
yeah b_tch it is me
going to every temple
slicing up everything
just hearing the screams
will fuel my f_ckin
hatred b
god d_mn i hate this sh_t
god d_mn why did i trip

god d_mn why did i
have to go and trip

- 6thithlord