6th$ithlord – necromancy 歌詞


f_ck sneak dissing p_ssts
come get me

p_ssy motherf_ckers wanna talk
all of that sh_t
yeah you talk big on twitter
but you is just a b_tch
come and meet me
face to face
get yo ass throwin in a ditch
9 heads of the beast
cut you up
you is deceased

sneak dissing snakes
hit yo ass with a shank
repeatedly stabbing
you till yo life fades
i tend to be crazy
when i get this way
but the demons inside me
just fueling my anger
like anakin skywalker
b_tch i am vader
choking the life out of you
f_ck any hater
deal with em later
right now i am getting head
from princess leia
k!ll you with my saber
creepin up slow with
no clue what i’m doin
cus k!llers and dealers
go with the cap pillars
i’m laying out bodys
everyone’s diminished
they stack to the ceiling
yo existence finished
the necromancy
that i practice
will have you
turned into some ashes
the flames that i spit
has no mercy for peasants
f_ck what you reppin
$ithgang we coming up
who you think you testin b_tch

- 6thithlord