6th$ithlord – nether 歌詞


back on my bullsh_t
i’m feeling maleficent
conjuring so devilish
open up the portal
astral plains is
where i’m settling
free myself from ignorance
woah woah
bodies dropping low
elevated consciousness
i’m never sinking hoe
woah woah
what you know
live inside a matrix
don’t believe what you’ve been told

you’s a punk b_tch
you just suck d_ck
take a loss b_tch
yeah it’s off rip
let the saw rip
make yo jaw hit
man it’s all lir
make yo soul flip
lining up the body bags
make em all lit
i’m from the dark circle
slipping on toxic purple
conjuring spells
that’s verbal
open up voids
smoke herbal
sh_t got me
geeked just like urkel
i am eternal
looking internal
feeling infernal
searching for darker ways
on how to k!ll ya

hear the crows call
always f_ck laws
b_tch we so flawed
yet we self god
conscious so broad

soul that vibrates so infinite
i roll up my dutch master
dimensional hits

b_tch imma super saiyan
flying super sonic blazing
demon slaying
yeah we all motherf_cking gods
who you playing

- 6thithlord