6th$ithlord – no flex 歌詞


riding round town
with a bad b_tch
nah she ain’t average
smoking on a casket
gas got me feeling asthmatic
hit my pindrop
do the drunken stance

i just dropped a pill
in my modelo
searching for the
but i’m feeling like a rebel
yung $ithlord
hot like a tea kettle
chilling in the astrals
that’s where
i settle

take a dab of this shatter
got me high manipulate matter
soaring through the universe
saturn’s rings
i meditate for infinite things

eminent being
see the light through me
raise ya frequency
thought patterns and ya ki
super saiyan $ith b_tch
feel my energy
i’m about to unleash
upon my enemies

$ithgang lit
yeah you know what’s up
nah we don’t bang
but don’t test ya luck
got a couple shooters
that’ll take ya life
don’t think twice
kidnap ya wife

cynical mf
b_tch ima k!lla
cap peeler
tell me who realer

scared to speak truth
see nah that ain’t me
expose the lies
but i feel lonely
strapped with the bl!cky
gotta keep it on me
extendo clip
i’m feeling op
c_ck it back reload
on a k!lling spree

- 6thithlord