6th$ithlord – omen 歌詞


[verse 1 6th$ithlord]
locced out red beam
b_tch i’m smoking heavenly
k!ll a motherf_cker leave a
god d_mn bl__dy scene

coming out the underground
who running this sh_t
got two sick k!llas
coming after you b_tch
roll u my blunt
then i take a hit
bump three six
masked up
load up my clip

break a motherf_cker k!ll a motherf_cker slay em
dwelling in the depths
of h_ll i know i’ve been forsaken

ermac with the necromancy
nowadays i don’t feel happy
infinite rage, i summon the mage
unleashing the blade
i’m feeling nasty
f_ck sh_t, i’m not with the f_ck sh_t
you a punk b_tch, make yo hoe suck d_ck
turn up, f_ck this come on
bring the mosh pits imma
rock this make yo f_cking jaw rip

[verse 2 witchouse 40k]

- 6thithlord