6th$ithlord – prototype 歌詞


run it back
swing that blade
smoke a sack
where you lay
take a p_ss
on yo grave
i want fire
i want rage

masked up
with a loaded clip
sawed off
shotty that’ll
make yo ass flip
smoking on purp
got me high than a b_tch
backwoods rolled
i ain’t passing sh_t

prototype you can call me kawaki
k!ll at night, n0body gone stop me
nick at night while your girlfriend top me
aim down sights, 360 so sloppy

vintage like genesis
consciousness raising it
unsheathe my blade
meet yo neck
with the severance
these b_tches reverent
pimping so elegant
yung $ithlord
master all the elements
battle meditation
unleash all my hatred
curb stomp a punk b_tch
smash yo f_ckin face in

444 when i hit the scene
war, war, war
rip out ya spleen
dead men talk
don’t back up a thing
p_ssies want more
tore up the scene

knights of the ren
ima slice up yo friend
my minds a weapon
let the darkness in
enlightened mage
sacrifice you today
i’m out my mind
wipe existence
with rage

- 6thithlord