6th$ithlord – sacrificial grounds 歌詞


mothaf_cka you will die
i will gouge out your eyes
blood spill
all though the night
slit your throat
you’ve gone to the
other f_ckin side
$ithlord is sreading
his plauge
across all of the
f_ckin seas
spreading diseases
it is suck a pleasent
feeling to me
sacrificial grounds
b_tch you f_cked u
stepped onto the wrong
side come test yo luck
curbstomp a stupid
b_tch don’t give a f_ck
hang you by a noose yuh
f_ck is up

empty out these guts
into a bucket
now i’m chunking
all these body parts into
the river next thing you
see me runnin
dipping up out the scene
don’t leave a trace
cause i don’t want to be
stuck in the penetentary
f_ck all of that sh_t
i dip out clean

- 6thithlord