6th$ithlord – star destroyer *$ithgang anthem* 歌詞


pull up in a tank
bullet vest
we came to spray
all these suckas
acting fake
proceed to
cut them with the blade
sippin all on the
deadly drank
40 ounce just
to keep me sane
bang bang
bullets hit yo
mothaf_ckin face

b_tch i’m god
b_tch i’m god
you lookin at
me kinda odd
pop one at yo head
you drop
dispose the body them
we gone

anna on my mind
yo soul is mine
you die real fine
lemme get inside
yo head
show you somethings
you won’t forget
now remember you a slave
trapped inside an evil cage
corruption of the government
but n0body listens to a thang
fema camps in session
got mass coffins on the way
are you gonna sit down
on your ass or
do something today

searching for all of this knowledge
i went to the halls of amenti
to further my profits
i picked up a rocket
the ancients have brought me
a whole lotta energy
fills up my body
higher frequencies
exert at maximum capacity
i know you feel me
make the ground shake
wherever i be
godly presence
on the earth my g

- 6thithlord